Tacos. We all know and love them. In Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America by Gustavo Arellano I found this quote about the diversity of tacos. I really love how it is a good introduction to the readers about what tacos are all about.


Such a simple, brilliant meal: a tortilla wrapped around a stuffing. No utensils needed. The taco. That’s it. Oh, modifications are possible: fold the tortilla in half and deep-fry it to create a taco dorado, what Americans know as the hard-shelled taco. Roll it like an enchilada, deep-fry it, and you have taquitos (also called flautas). Eat them at breakfast? Breakfast tacos. Fine for lunch and dinner. As a snack. As a full meal. Serve them with one or two tortillas. From a truck, from a grill, from fine china. Sprinkle some salsa, maybe some cilantro and onions. Grasp and grub. That’s it. (52)


This quote really stuck out to me because I never really thought about tacos in any other way than I’ve known them. Before reading I had a single image of them but now and after reading this book and this quote I realize how much one can do with a taco. I never realized there are so many variations! I remember around the first time I had a taco it was a soft cheese taco from Taco Bell (I know, I know). I slowly started trying their hard tacos. At some point I started eating the tacos around my neighborhood. I think it was my father who got me into tacos but I’m not sure. I started eating the ones at Homemade Taqueria by the 7 train and I’ve eaten there ever since. As I write this I’m eating their steak tacos! So I guess I really liked this quote because it reminded me of my journey experiencing the different types of tacos. A journey that I continue going on. And actually for some reason while reading that quote all I could think about was Deadpool. But, I mean Deadpool does like Mexican food. He’s more of a lover of Chimichangas (which are actually Tex-Mex!) but he does like tacos too! (I’ve taken the liberty of adding some comic book and fan made pictures of Deadpool relating to Mexican food!)



One Reply to “Tacos!”

  1. I had never met this character before, but no doubt he has taco literacy. I also like the note that you were having a taco while you typed this.

    So the next question is: what kinds of tacos does your dad like?


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